What Causes a Male Midlife Crisis?

Many men find that as they approach middle age, they experience restlessness, anxiety, nervousness, and depression. This prompts many men to behave in ways that they would normally consider irrational.

When men enter this stage and respond with behaviors, such as buying sports cars, making abrupt career changes, and dating younger women, it is often referred to as a midlife crisis. While many people think that a midlife crisis is caused by a man’s realization that he is running out of time to fulfill his dreams, there is actually a medical cause for the feelings that these men experience.

As men grow older, their bodies begin producing smaller amounts of testosterone and human growth hormone. This lowered level of hormones can have a dramatic impact on a man’s psychological and physical well being. Low levels of hormones are often associated with weight gain, decreased libido, decreased mental alertness, and depression. Many men respond to these changes with intense fear. They fear that they are losing their youthful vigor.

This fear can cause some men to behave in ways that they normally would never consider. The psychological implications of losing youth are intense and complex, and many men do not know how to handle these feelings because they do not understand that there is both a medical reason and a cure for the changes that they are experiencing.

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Many men see weight gain as a sign of their physical decline. This can exacerbate his feelings of sexual inadequacy and make him behave in inappropriate ways to reclaim his youthful appearance. Provacyl contains anterior pituitary that helps boost the protein metabolism, fat metabolism, and carbohydrate metabolism. This can help men lose weight more easily and prevent weight gain in the future.

By making the choice to take a supplement such as Provacyl to curb the symptoms of male menopause, many men find that they do not experience a midlife crisis. Instead of succumbing to the fear of physical and mental decline, men can make the chose to solve these problems by taking Provacyl and retain their youthful vigor!