What is a Male Mid-Life Crisis?

Many men experience a mid-life crisis as they reach middle age. There are cultural stereotypes of middle aged men buying sports cars, chasing younger women, and going out to night clubs in an effort to regain the moments of their youth. For some men, this period of questioning decisions and attempting to regain youthful vigor is a response to the physical changes that they are experiencing. While some men might feel compelled to buy fast cars and date younger women, these are not remedies to the feelings and biological changes that they are experiencing.

A mid-life crisis is not just a cultural stereotype. It is caused by actual changes in the body’s production of hormones. Most men experience lower levels of testosterone and human growth hormone as they reach their middle age years. These lowering levels of hormones can negatively affect a man’s psychological and physical well being. Low testosterone and human growth hormone levels are associated with declining libido, inability to concentrate and recall information, lethargy, weight gain, nervousness, anxiety, and depression.  Buying a new sports car might topically alleviate some of these symptoms of male menopause, the phase in a man’s life when his hormone levels decline, because they add excitement to his life, but the improvement is short-lived. In order to prevent the physical decline and negative feelings associate with the mid-life crisis, it is often necessary to take supplements like Provacyl that target the root of the biological changes with herbal extracts and hormones that can help restore a man’s youthful vigor.

Provacyl includes many ingredients that help prevent the depression, anxiety, and nervousness that many men experience during a mid-life crisis. Provacyl contains panax ginseng, which has been used for over 5,000 years as a cure for many maladies. It helps fight the depression, moodiness, fatigue, and insomnia that many men experience during their mid-life crisis. As an added benefit, panax ginseng has also been shown to promote endurance, sexual health, mental agility, and a healthy immune system.

Many men find that the nervousness, anxiety, and depression that they feel during their mid-life crisis are caused by what they see as their declining virility. They might find that they are not as interested in sex as they used to be, that they have problems with ejaculation, and that their erections are not as hard as they once were. This can cause significant damage to a man’s confidence and romantic relationships. Provacyl contains many ingredients, such as tribulus terrestris, gingo biloba, panax ginseng, and long jack that have been proven to boost a man’s sexual performance. These ingredients can help return a man’s sense of well being and improve his quality of life.

Instead of fighting the symptoms of a mid-life crisis by spending large sums of money on items that you do not need, you should consider using Provacyl.  By targeting the biological root of andropause, Provacyl alleviates the symptoms of male menopause by making you more sexually vigorous, mentally astute, and energetic. Provacyl’s ingredients do not produce harmful side effects, and they usually being working for most men within a few months.  You can regain your confidence and quality of life quickly and effectively with Provacyl.